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WLRC is a budding Non-profit Organization created by Women who have been affected by life’s struggles and have conquered many challenging events. We pride ourselves on assisting in every way possible to help individuals achieve life-altering breakthroughs through our leadership.


The director and members have a combined knowledge assisting people for over 26 years in many categories, such as: 16 years in the home buying process, 5 years in car buying, 26 years in medicine, 9 years in insurance and 14 years writing business plans(501c3's)and doing income taxes. With this accumulation of knowledge, we set our sights on being engaged throughout the entirety of these processes. We also collaborate with other Non profit and For-profit organizations within our community to accomplish the goals set by members of said community. 


WLRC’s mission is to promote knowledge, expand possibilities, and treat every person as the unique individual that they are. Also, to provide truly remarkable assistance through: compassion, creativity, education and programming that covers all of their needs and future desires.


At the root of every activity, we focus on maximizing potential in the following categories:


• Education


• Advocacy


• Fundraising


Leadership Development


Community Service


• Effective Computer and Communication Skills


Basic Construction Skills (Carpentry)


• Social, society and structure duties


• Community stability


• Stability and Security of Homeownership to stop homelessness.

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